‘Hear my cry’: Russia evangelical leader calls for united prayer for peace

Jul 1, 2024 - 17:18
‘Hear my cry’: Russia evangelical leader calls for united prayer for peace

As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, a leading Russian evangelical leader renews his call for evangelicals globally to join together in praying for peace, even as he admits his struggles with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness amid the unending reports of suffering and death.

In an interview Vlasenko, a Baptist minister in Moscow and the head of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, opens up about the impact the war has had on evangelicals in the country who were shocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 and lamented the decisions by political leaders. And as they continue to pray for an end of the conflict, they also continue to seek to serve meaningfully in society.

“Christians in Russia try to remain calm, preach the Good News and serve God and people. They try to remain ‘salt and light’ for Russian society and ‘rejoice with those who rejoice and cry with those who cry,’ to ‘seek peace and keep it.’”

Vlasenko acknowledged that the bloody conflict with Ukraine had left its mark on the Russian evangelical communities, who make up between 1-2% of the Russian population.

“It is very difficult in this situation to be a faithful citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and remain a decent citizen and patriot of your earthly Fatherland. It is very difficult to hear about the pain and see the suffering of people in a war zone and find the strength to maintain self-control not to go crazy.