Feb 8, 2024 - 15:20
Feb 8, 2024 - 15:20

Digital Revolution is an invention which has a dual identity with its advantages and drawback. However, with its increased usage and influence, the ugly head of its disadvantages has surfaced suddenly outweighing its benefits, in every aspect of human life—religious, physical, financial and social. As time accelerates, even the legitimate users of this revolution are unable to protect themselves from the temptations of illegal entities.

The rise of the digital technology has caused an earthquake of a magnitude which is alarming having profound effects on both the older and younger generation. It is this era  that draws a compelling need for the world’s online parents to embrace the role of digital mentors. 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. The list of social media tools is endless and not to mention the rapid changes in technology that  has many industries, including corporations and news media, barely trying to keep up with it. The soon fading traditional world of newspapers, magazines, governments, or other types of leading publication organizations which gave out information where people would consume it by reading or looking at it has had to give in to the digital world of smart devices and media tools. The seemingly tried-and-true method has seen drastic transformation and shift which is now termed as social media revolution a new age tech trend.

So keeping the main thing to be the main thing, let us understand the impact of social media revolution and its outcomes and effects that has become the mainstay in the life of countless families. It is now more than ever that we need to study deeper and analyze the sudden change in each one’s daily life and work out a acceptable, practical solution that would not be a hindrance to the unity and peace in the family unit and society and nation as a whole.

Popularization of the digital technology and tools is definitely an opportunity to build relationships and maintain effective communication regardless of distance in terms of thoughts and sense. However, the most important and overlooked factor is a balance in every aspect of life and age. Overuse by the younger generation and absence of its knowledge in the older and its widening gap is what needs to be our area of concern. Addressing this issue has become more urgent as it has already started affecting our daily routine

Though the social media revolution and its tools has come as boon to the mental health of elders as it has considerably reduced the impairment of health and death. However, it is certainly not a solution to social interaction in person. Social isolation can lead to depression as none can do away with the truth of the real matter that human touch is a better and known healer any day than the technological one. Addictive and excessive use of social media can trigger serious mental and behavioral issues. In this conversational-driven world, a two-way balance between the usage of traditional and technological mechanisms needs to be struck.

There is an alarming rise of parents, elders hitting the panic button which requires urgent attention. While they may have lost their agility yet their primary concern is having to lose their young ones to this revolution which has now become a center stage to every aspect of their lives, be it education, communication, entertainment and daily activities. The security of a nuclear family is at stake.

Social media revolution to the elderly is more a forceful thrust from ground reality to that of an imaginary, virtual one. The absence of a gradual transformation and acceptance in the mind, is warring against the drastic barrage of devices replacing simple, uncomplicated tools employed by them and has certainly taken a toll on their physical bodies.

This revolution was touted to be a route back to a people-centric connection which now has derailed the traditions of society and seems a menace to elderly as they live in constant fear of it devouring their young ones. However, if we use the tools to listen to its actual purpose, we’ll learn how we can add value to the new culture. The new revolution should be one of partnership which when built on trust and connection will see the emergence of new model of peaceful and effective communication.

In the race of advanced technology, particularly social networking and media, it is noticed that women are spending more time on social media than  males, the proportion is 32%. Experts are of this opinion that almost all social discriminations, mental disturbances, and dysfunctionality in the family system are caused by the digital revolution.

Online chat applications are open doors to evil leading to misguided crimes and sedition. It has only paved a way for entrapment for both the young and old through immoral behavior. Unlawful and inadmissible activities for men and women in life calls for strict prohibition. The most vulnerable lot are women are vulnerable to emotional manipulations and subjected to online violence and blackmail. The revolution which was touted to be an instrument of creating an easy and safe working environment for working has taken an ugly turn drawing them into its vicious grip of Pharoism which refuses to let go its destructive and ruinous tentacles. Many find themselves in a dilemma of deep depression and lies. Women’s Web Studies reports 34% of women are being harassed online by men; out of 150 million users of digital media through the Internet out of which 60 million are women. 


Did we ever think that technology would ever be the means to cultivate family and community relationships or even moderate discussions within a family unit or even a corporate world that would make it a central character of human lives. It has replaced the human and plays the role of parent, child, teacher while controlling, influencing and monitoring our movements and daily routine.  We, as humans, have ignored evidence right in front of us and have been sidelined into a role of online users as a result of our own behavior. In the bargain, we have become slaves to most powerful and persistent drive of Internet usage which was meant to only be that value of connecting with other humans.

Young adults have proved to be the most active user group of social media and digital devices and the rate at which this group is advancing seems unstoppable. This is the most at risk group than the elderly as the octopus-grip of the digital age has ensnared these young ones into an addiction that drives them to partake in dangerous and unheard of activities.

The sudden influx of the revolution has eventually lead to some severe outcomes. It has generated in them an uncontrollable desire to hook into the innumerable distractions of social media leading to spending excessive time and money to indulge in hazardous games, immoral activities that hampers one’s daily routine and discipline of a simple life.

The pressures of keeping up with latest trends and competing with peers to gain attention has resulted in harmful behavioral patterns. Addiction and the reinforcement of it has impaired their normal activities. The mind has now become a battlefield and is constantly calling for activation of the reward system in it, allowing the person into imaginary pleasures while binding the individual into a covenant of slavery to it.

Countless young minds are bondmen to this deceiving revolution which has usurped the role of humans as the ‘Master’. This new revolution has now invaded into every system from education to food and health while slowly taking the role as the Head of a family. Education which was one of the most powerful tools to battle technology and keep it subdued under human control is also losing its standing. 

With free platforms like modern network technology, smartphones and social media being easily accessible the most commonly affected group is the youth. Cyberstalking is a menace that has ensnared the young minds. Multitasking a new trend is what they are being subject to as they entwine educational manual tasks, such as schoolwork, classwork, or homework, by using social. Research finds this constant interruption in attention to a task causes severe harm in concentration and minimizes the ability to learn and perform well. With an encouragement from educational institutions to update their social media status to share educational activities it has turned out to be a hazardous addiction making them hyperactive and on constant alert to updates.

Sleep deprivation in youth is a worrisome issue which if not dealt with on time according to researchers opinion could lead to suicide. It can grow contagious and even create a deadly loop spreading through social networks stimulating the risk of suicidal thoughts and attempts. Cyber bullying, low Self-esteem, Social Isolation etc are other negative effects. 

In this day and age if there are no checkpoints to the digital activities of the youth particularly teenagers and adolescents it will certainly turn detrimental to their growth and developmental in life.  Balanced and excellent mental health is extremely important in these young ones to develop their character, career, and personal life. 

It is not the Economic Depression we are to be afraid of but negative effect of Digital Revolution on humans called ‘Mental Depression’, which is a total soul disturbance caused by technology. Curiosity is now a dangerous human emotion which technology has twisted to cause more harm to humans making them victims of depression and anxiety with its adverse affects on their minds. Healthy conversations and guidance in the balanced use of the Digital Revolution is imperative. The wave of digital media tools should be brought under control and restrictive wherever one sees its harmful effects on human minds. Every individual has to take up the cross of mandatory responsibility to protect oneself from temptations and deceptions, by avoiding the negative usage of Digital Revolution and limiting its use for necessary positive development alone.