Delhi-NCR Rain: Aviation Minister Announces Aid, On Way To Meet Injured Victims At Safdajung Hospital

Jun 28, 2024 - 11:58

Flight departures at the Delhi airport’s Terminal 1 were suspended till 2 pm on Friday after a portion of its roof collapsed amid incessant rains, killing one and injuring many.

The flight departures were suspended soon after the roof collapse incident at 5 am. Passengers who were already inside the terminal boarded their flights. The departures were completely suspended around 7:30 am. Flight arrivals have not been impacted, the sources said.

Three fire-tenders were sent to the airport after a call about the incident was received by the DFS around 5:30 am.

Besides the roof sheet, the support beams collapsed, damaging the cars parked in the pick-up and drop area of the terminal, the officials said.

The injured persons were admitted to Medanta Hospital near the airport. One of the injured succumbed during treatment, they said.